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I'm soprano voice, love to get really into music wile singing.

I can get really into what I'm singing and motivated.

Love anything that has good beat and good mix of guitar, bass and drums.

I can do screaming innalated screaming.... Need to know how to do in the other way.

Love punk, emo, metal, anything that has goooooood beat is good and screaming too.

I wanna do something so it's really important, like almost living of it. Having way to much fun, doing concerts, working hard, making people know who we are.... I wanna show what we can do to the world. Cuz honestly I think there's people out there hiding and wanting to create a band, but cuz they wanna be realist .... They just don't do it.

Listen, if we are realist.... Live sucks.... And we can be realist and dream about something that can never be don't cuz of it.

That doesn't work with me, I wanna do what I dream cuz I think it's possible to. And no jokes.... I will do it.

Updated:  September 23, 2015

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