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      In need of music!!
K soy I'm in Utah right now…in Logan to be more specific.I'm gonna turn 20 and I'm load vocalist. I practice every single day. I love it and really get into it.I love to express my self by singing. I have composed stuff and I'm working on new things.I love music in general…anything is fine. What I love most is punk, alternative punk, emo, metal, death metal…etc. Influenced by my chemical romance, blink 182, evanescence, Pierce the veil, black veil brides, green day, linkin park, korn, asking alexandria, all time low, yellow card, muse, papa roach, breaking Benjamin, billy talent, nickel back, skillet, three days grace…
I'm learning how to scream, I can do high and low (I have more practiced high ones)
I'm welling to work what it takes to do concerts (real concerts)
I can practice any time after school, and in Logan or near Logan. Don't drive.
I'm dead serious I really want to work this out. So if someone is super super interested on doing something with me…

Looking for anyone, but yea need drums, two electric guitars and one bass for sure.Don't care of gender, but I do of age… Not below 17/18, not farther 28/29I'll give contact info so people that's REALLY INTERESTED ON THIS can contact me.
Please do think well about it before anything.

Contact info:

Sofia Barcia Gomez (Facebook)

@rolloSLR (Twitter)

Emopunk_musiclover (Instagram)

note: you can do private messages on Instagram.

Have a nice day, night…anything and everything nice.

Updated:  September 23, 2015

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