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CAST OF 12 (could be 18)


Time Year 2055


Story Line: Focus is on population explosion, pollution, global warming and other environmental issues.

The world population has exploded and there are not enough resources to support the basic needs of the number of people alive, including food, water, and shelter. The situation has reached a crisis. In desperation to save the people and limit existing resources emergency laws have been passed to deal with the problem. A new International law, administered by the World Health Organization states that when a person reaches the age of 35 and is unmarried and not a parent, he or she might be randomly selected to be euthanasized. The new law is effective May 1, 2055.


The rationale is that if they have reached 35 years old without  having one allocated child, they could live another 80 to 100 years and keep using earth’s resources without leaving a legacy. Their viable biological clock is running down and they are deemed to be the most dispensable segment of the current population. The average life span for human beings in 2055 in 125 years.


The setting is Manhattan New York. Love and relationship themes intertwine between siblings of opposite sex. There are three brothers who live together and three sisters who also live together, all are single. Even though they live near they don’t know each other. 


The two youngest siblings (Dick and Beth) meet at a rally in Washington D.C. and ride the bullet train back to Manhattan together. They are attracted to each other. On their return they see a crowd gathered at the TIMES SQUARE clock with noisy protests. They go to see what is causing the commotion. The ticker tape announces that the new euthanasia law takes effect today. They are appalled and join the protestors.


They part with a promise to meet again.

(The stage is arranged with split sides showing the women’s apartment on one side and the men’s on the other. The audience goes back and forth as we observe each set of siblings interact.)


They both have an older sibling Harry and Mary Kay who reached age 35 in 2055.  When they get home they are shocked to discover that Harry and Mary Kay were randomly selected to be included among the first group to be euthanized. They open letters notifying them that they were chosen and must comply with the new law by the World Health Organization. They are instructed to report to the Dieatorium on a specific date to make get more information and to make arrangements for their death.


Harry and Mary Kay sing about their unlucky fate. It’s Not Fair. They lament at never meeting a special person, mating and having a child before this. The siblings are shocked and overwhelmed at the news. All six sing together at the end of the song.


All six meet at the Dieatorium for the first time. They console each other. They are given instructions about how and when they will die, and a possible option to avoid being euthanized. A new technology, recently developed can let them merge with two other people, thus reducing the population and allowing them to keep on living.


At first both Mary Kay and Harry, reject the notion of merging as prosperous. But in their fear, frustration and depression they reconsider the merging option. The younger siblings plot to get them together to discuss the possibilities and drawbacks of making such a choice. They plan a picnic in Central Park and everyone gets to know each other better. Attraction sparks fly between the middle siblings Tom and Jo and the youngest siblings Beth and Dick. Harry and Mary Kay are more subdued but discuss their dilemma including and fears and regrets.


In the next scene they all go home and recap their day and reaction to the others. Act one ends with petite pretty Jo  (middle sister) singing “Never With A Nerd” and confessing that she would consider dating computer nerd Tom (middle brother) if he asked her.


This is the end of Act one.


Act Two opens with Tom singing Maybe-wondering if Jo is as attracted to him as he is to her and struggling over whether to risk rejection by asking her to go out with him.


Mary Kay and Harry meet and discuss the option or merging, the pros and cons. They decide not to decide right now, but to explore the possibility further. They put an ad in the newspaper and on the Internet (or a 2055 version) set appointments to interview prospects for merging with them. Seven people show up for interviews, four men and three women. The only restriction is that men can only merge with another man and only a woman can merge with another woman.


The first is Martin Zack, a 63-year-old hunchback. He is tired of living with being ridiculed and stared at. His only request in the new body is to have sex once then he agrees to fade into the background. Harry is skeptical and asks Martin what he might do if he enjoyed the sex.


Next is Heidi Hitler. She was born in an embryo nursery from a sperm from her famous father Adolph, saved to resurrect his ideals and restore the Aryan race. She wants to take over total control of the body and not share “out” time with the two others. When she finds out that she must share she is furious and goose steps out of the room.


The next interviewee is Samantha Cate. Samantha is a 26-year-old prostitute with AIDS She is breathlessly seductive and wants to merge with Harry not Mary Kay. She knows she is going to die soon and views merging as a way to extend her life, and her life-style. Mary Kay is concerned about her infecting the body and the ramifications of her living her current life style even from an inner perspective.


The next two are David and Larry, a gay male couple in their mid-nineties. They are interested in merging to gain a sexy 35-year-old body so that they can continue to have great sex for another 60 years or so. Harry discusses sharing the body with time “in” and time “out,” and setting some boundaries for sex time. Harry is concerned about having heterosexual sex and any influence they may have to sabotage him.


Next is Alice Brown a 58-year-old black woman. She recently moved to New York from Tennessee as a nanny after the death of her mother who she cared for until her death last year. Alice never married and sings gospel at her local Baptist Church. The nanny job didn’t work out. She lost her home in Tennessee and is now homeless. She is depressed and just wants to die. She would “go in “ and not want to come out again. Mary Kay tells her that she isn’t sure herself about the merging option and they are just talking to people to help them decide if this is what they want to do. She arranges for Alice to sleep on a friend’s sofa.


Finally, the last person to be interviewed for the day is Jeffrey Stellar. He is a 45-year-old man with three children. He was a car salesman but there is no more fuel for cars so he lost his job, can’t find another one and has used all of his life saving to live up to now. He is desperate. If he dies he has a $500,000 insurance policy that his wife could use the money to finish raising his children. He is happy to find out that he could be out of the body sometimes and would be able to spend some time with his family.


Harry tells him the decision is tentative and they will get back to him. Meanwhile keep looking for another job.

At the end of the interviews Harry, Mary Kay and all of the interviewees dance and sing a rousing song  To Merge or Not to Merge! That is the Question.


A few days later Harry and Mary Kay meet and go for a walk to discuss their impression and the entire idea of merging. They both discard the idea of merging. Inspired Harry says,” I have an idea. Let’s get married.” Mary Kay thinks he is joking. The next Sunday afternoon in the women’s apartment Harry formally proposes to her. She accepts. They sing  Mary Will You Marry Me?


They are joined by their siblings Mary Kay shows off her ring and inspired the other two brothers Tom and Dick propose to Jo and Beth, the all sing Finally. time is critical so they all decide to get married now and in turn they all marry on stage. 


Theater goes completely black. A space ship zooms from the back of the theater over the heads of the audience to the orchestra pit—hovers for a few seconds- then zooms far left still over the top of the audience—hovers again- then zooms to the far right—hovers again then zooms to center stage. The headlights of the space ship illuminate the now defunct Times Square ticker tape showing the message The Year is 2323.


Two space men emerge and explore the ground. Finding no life they declare the planet dead. The return to their spaceship and zoom off stage


Stage lights come up very slowly a double bed comes from back to center stage Harry and Mary Kay are in the bed she is very pregnant. She sits up and fearfully and tells about a nightmare she has just had about spaceman visiting the earth and declaring the planet dead. Harry is awake by now and says he had the same dream. Beds come out from both sides of the stage with Beth and Dick in one and Jo and Tom in the other. They all had the same dream. All get out of bed in pajamas and being to brainstorming about things that can do now to stop the problems and save the planet. They begin singing and dancing. The ensemble dancers come out and everyone sings. It’s Not Too Late.

The end.


Details of the plot with songs and dances.


Scene One

In the opening scene the youngest siblings Dick and Beth have just returned from a rally in Washington DC protesting pollution and overcrowding. They are both carrying placards and are tired. They talk, like each other and agree to meet again. Then they are distracted by a demonstration in Times Square. They go to see what’s happening and the big lighted moving banner on says NEW ENTHANASIA LAW BEGINS TODAY MAY1, 2055. They join the protest. Entire cast crisscrosses the stage protesting and sing Song 1. Not Enough….


Scene Two

When they get home they each find out that their eldest sibling, Harry and Mary Kay have received a letter from the World Health Organization and both have been selected in the random euthanasia draft to die. The stage is split showing the apartments of each set of siblings one at a time. Both sets of siblings deal with the dreadful news in their own ways. First the women and then the men. The letter instructs them to go to the Dieatorium and get instructions on a specific date. They are warned that they must comply. In their shock and desperation


Scene Three

Dick and Beth talk and discuss how their sister and brother are handling the bad news. They plot getting the two of them together to commiserate, plan and share feelings about being chosen to die. They decide on a picnic get everyone together in a non-threatening setting. Harry and Mary Kay sing about their dilemma, first separately then as a duet. Song 2. It’s Not fair. The siblings join them and all six sing together.


Scene Four

They all go to the Dieatorium and are given a tour and explanation of the process. The tour group leader shows them a video and answers questions. He explains that the death is peaceful, and serene. Family members may be present. (Similar to the death scene in the movie Soylent Green). The Harry and Mary Kay are given an appointment six months from now, to return and die.

An alternative to dying is offered. If they can find two other people to MERGE with them the responsibility to reduce the population would be fulfilled. There is a new technology that will merge three people into one. At first, the notion is prosperous, but then in their desperation the siblings give it more consideration. It is painless, but requires some adjustment after the procedure. After the meeting they all leave the Dieatorium together and  to have a drink. The ensemble sing and dance Fosse style. Song 3. EveryBODY ‘s Going To Die.


 Scene Five

Jo and  Beth are in their apartment and  talk about the experience at the Dieatorium and  the merging option. The women reminisce about their childhoods growing up on a farm in Michigan. Mary Kay sings, Song 4. I Remember.


Scene Six

Tom and Dick consider the option of merging with Harry. They talk about their attraction to Jo and Beth. Tom confesses his celibacy and feelings of inadequacy to Dick. Relieved after his confession he sings a comic song. Song 5.  I Was a Premature Ejaculator.


Scene Seven

Separately Harry and Mary Kay move to an emotional place of acceptance with a glimmer of hopefulness.  Setting in their respective apartments, they sing introspectively and lamenting past choices they maintain a glimmer of hopefulness that they still have time to save themselves. They sing separately then as a duet.  Song 6 Ms. Right Where Are You? Mr. Right Where Are You?


Scene Eight

 Central Park is the picnic setting. At the picnic the siblings interact, play together, eat together and get to know each other better. They all have a great time. Middle siblings Tom and Jo are surprisingly attracted to each other. The relationship between Beth and Dick grows stronger. Harry and Mary Kay share fears, concerns and start to explore their options.  Scene ends with the Song 7. Friends Forever


Scene Nine

After the picnic they go back to their respective apartments and talk about the day and the relationships and the dilemma of the impending loss of their oldest sibling.  Jo and Beth discussing the picnic and their feeling about the men.

Act one ends with Jo singing Song 8. Never with a Nerd!



Scene One

Act two opens with Tom singing a ballad exploring his attraction to Jo and his fear and of her rejecting him. Tom sings  Song 9  Maybe


Scene Two         Music 10. Tango between Dick and Beth

Dick sings:  Song 10. Attitude


Scene Three

Harry and Mary Kay meet and discuss the possibility of merging. They decide to put a notice in the paper  and the Internet and interview  possible candidates to help them make up their minds. Males can only merge with another male and females can only merge with another female.


Scene Four

 Seven characters show up and are interviewed. They include Martin a 62 year old hunchback, Madam Heidi Hitler, Samantha a 28 year old prostitute dying of aids, Larry and David a gay couple in their 90’s, Alice a black 56 year old homeless woman and Jeffrey an unemployed 41 year old father of three. (These interviews could all be sung).

After the interviews are completed Mary Kay and Harry sing and the interviewees sing and dance to Song 11-To Merge or Not to Merge? That is the Question!



Scene Five

Harry and Mary Kay get to know each other better as they spend time together discussing what they want to do and they fall in love. Harry proposes to Mary Kay. She agrees to marry him. They sing individually then together Song 12- Mary will you Marry Me?

The siblings join them and all six sing. Song 13- Finally.

Theme music fades into the Wedding march as all three couples marry in turn.


Scene Six

The theater goes totally dark. The play has a surprise ending with a space ship entering the theater from the rear and after hovering over the heads of the audience zooms to the center stage, then left and zooms right then to the center stage, highlighting a now defunct Times Square ticker tape that says YEAR 2323. (Staging could use lights to get a similar effect.)

Two space men emerge and descend from their space ship to explore the ruins and remains of the earth and declare the planet lifeless and inhabitable.


Scene Seven

Final scene all the siblings are coupled and sleeping together, double beds roll onto stage first Mary Beth and Harry, then the other couples. Mary Kay is obviously pregnant. One-by-one they wake up and shaken tell about a nightmare they had about the planet ending. It turns out they all had the same dream. They get out of bed and each thinks of something they can do now to be pro-active in saving the earth.

They each think of something they can do now. The other cast members join and the ensemble sing and dance to the final song. Finale: Ensemble: Entire cast sings Song 14 -It’s Not too Late  (Rousing and inspiring music)


Cast of Main Characters:


Oldest brother 35 is years old. He is a music teacher by day and a musician by night; he plays drums with a small group. He loves to play a harmonica and carry’s one with him all the time. He cares about overpopulation. He likes women but not enough to settle down and get married. When he meets a nice woman, he always thinks the next one will be better. He cannot commit. Now it is too late.



The middle brother is 33 years old. He is the intellectual. He works for a computer company. He sees the world as computer components, fragmented, divided. He loves to read science fiction, and the latest gadgets available. He is shy with women, his first attempt at having sex was a disaster, and he feels inadequate. He is currently celibate. He is passionate about the rapidly deteriorating environment, especially the dirty air and the deteriorating ozone layer. His social life is attending computer classes.



He is 29 years old and loves anything that moves. He is a good dancer and goes to clubs where the women stand in line to dance with him. He teaches tango at a community center. He has a master’s degree in Social Work and works at a mental health agency with adolescents who are using drugs. He is a movie buff and likes to play movie trivia games. He also loves to play poker. He dates often. He is concerned about pollution of water and air.


Mary Kay:

She is 35 years old and works as a librarian in a High School. She loves to read. She had a man friend but he dumped her for a younger woman with an hourglass figure and big boobs. She is a little overweight, depressed and is not too upset with the thought of dying. She wears glasses. She rarely wears make-up and she reads non-stop to cover up her mild depression. She loves butter pecan ice cream. She is passionate about World Peace.



She is 32 years old. She is an audiologists and fits people for hearing aids. She is pretty and petite, she dates but has never found the right man to settle down and marry. She is a perfectionist, and very concerned about her appearance. She always has her nails and hair done. She is addicted to fashion magazines and was a model for a few years when she was younger. She worries about her biological clock and the new euthanasia law.



She is 28 years old. She works as a massage therapist at a fancy spa. She too loves to dance, touch and move. She is athletic, jogs everyday and is in good shape. She has a good sense of humor and enjoys a good joke. She is friendly, outgoing and always ready to help anyone in need. She cares about overpopulation, green house effects and is politically active in calling attention to these issues.

The other six cast members include the Tour Guide, Voice from the Television, Martin, Heidi Hitler, Samantha, Alice, Larry and David, and Jeffrey roles. All actors need to be dancers and singers













Theme Song: Tic Toc  Tic Toc


Too Many-Not Enough


It’s Not Fair


Everybody is Going To Die


I Remember


Premature Ejaculator


Ms Right Where Are You? Mr. Right Where Are You?


Friends Are Forever


Never With A Nerd






Now Is The Time Tango




To Merge or Not To Merge---That is The Question


Mary Will You Marry Me?


Finally ( At Last)?


Wedding Song—Wedding March


It’s Not Too Late         


Theme Music Tic Toc





















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