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I offer listeners insight into the lives of others who are pursuing their dreams.  Up and coming performers such as musicians, singers, comedians, and sports personalities will share their talents and inspirations in performances or interviews on the air.   We will spill all the latest gossip for the entertainment industry.  Whether it’s a well-known author, recognized experts, celebrity, or everyday people can join in on the “It’s Your Life” segment of the program to feature their successes and challenges on the road to make dreams realities.  Since everyone has a dream our show will attract a very broad audience from homemakers, today’s youth, executives and much more.   This show will also touch on serious issues that affect our community like dealing with domestic violence or finding a job in our tough economy.  The show will air contests from local sponsors to help a lucky winner achieve their dream, whether its going on a trip to someplace they’ve never been to  or getting a new job. 

Updated:  October 1, 2009

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