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PRATANU BANERJEE – ORGANIZER OF IPAMPD on December 26, 2015 @ 6:29 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Pratanu Banerjee has learnt synthesizer from Mr. Tarak Roy, V Balsara. He learnt piano from Aditya Bikram Chakraborty and Samar Dutta. Mr. Tarak Roy lived at Ichapur, Howrah and Pratanu Banerjee saw he could play harmonica, synthesizer, Spanish guitar, hawaian guitar, mandolin, piano accordion equally well. Mr. Roy had performed with Music Composer SudhinDasgupta. Mr. Samar Dutta is an internationally reputed music teacher who had travelled 8 times abroad for his piano shows and he teaches in his grand piano. Mr. Aditya Bikram Chakraborty is an expert Trinity Grade 8 pianist from Kolkata. Mr. Samar Dutta had published books on music and Pratanu Banerjee discovered him from Kolkata Book Fair recently. He learnt synthesizer from Mr. Tarak Roy for 10 years. He learnt left hand, right hand, playing with rhythm of synthesizer, and other effects. He performed in synthesizer on stage at St Thomas Church School in Howrah Maidan.

Pratanu Banerjee learnt harmonica from Mr. Tarak Roy. He learnt harmonica for 6 months. He can play a song easily. Mr. Tarak Roy used to teach pratanu Banerjee using his Hohner harmonica. Mr. Roy used to play harmonica really well.

Pratanu Banerjee learnt guitar from Mr. Rhitom Sarkar and Mr. TrineshDewanjee. Mr. Rhitom Sarkar is a slide guitar and Spanish guitar teacher and has performed for 2 months in USA and travelled extensively in India for guitar shows and taught online guitar also. Mr. Rhitom Sarkar published CDs of music therapy from Sahaja Yoga, an international organization. So pratanu Banerjee learnt guitar from this famous personality.

Pratanu Banerjee learnt flute from Mr. TrineshDewanjee who had played in All India Radio. Mr. TrineshDewanjeehas 35 years of experience in music and pratanu Banerjee has learnt flute for more than 1 year from him and is also learning flute from him. Mr. Dewanjee can play flute really well. Mr. Dewanjee has been the judge of flute several times in west Bengal. He has performed on stage in different parts of Bengal. Mr. Dewanjee has taught flute to many students and they are well established in flute now. Mr. Dewanjee has given wonderful training in Indian Classical Flute. He also can play rabindrasangeet in flute equally well.

Pratanu Banerjee has learnt vocal from Mr. TrineshDewanjee. He has learnt Khayal, shyamasangeet, najrulgeeti, etc. Pratanu Banerjee has been trained very well in sargams of indian classical. Mr. TrineshDewanjee has published CDs on vocal from Srijony Records. He has promoted many students using his NGO. Mr. Dewanjee has published music CDs of other singers. Mr. Dewanjee has been the judge in indian classical vocal. Mr. Dewanjee organizes music examinations under his board SrijonySangeet Kala Kendra.

Pratanu Banerjee has studied music therapy from Mr. TrineshDewanjee and also from RabindraBharatiuniversity in Kolkata as performing art therapy. The dean of this department is internationally reputed Kathak dancer Amita Dutta. The course coordinator of performing art therapy is Ms. Chakraborty.Pratanu Banerjee also got training in dance from Mr. Mukherjee.

Pratanu Banerjee got the training in dance initially from Mrs. Swapna Chatterjee in Bharatanatyam. He got training in Bharatnatyam from Ms. Jalsa Chandra, internationally renowned classical dancer. He got training in western dance from Mr. Swapan Ray of Z4 dancing network. He got training in modern dance from Mr. Samit Chatterjee. Pratanu Banerjee also got training in Bollywood dance from Ms. Chakraborty of TaalSangam.

Pratanu Banerjee got the guidance in English language and literature from his father Dr. Swapan Kumar Banerjee and got the training in content writing from him and he has successfully completed 756 hours at odesk and worked with more than 76 clients worldwide. Pratanu Banerjee already wrote many blogs in internet in Yahoo Contributor Network.

Pratanu Banerjee successfully completed reiki training from Ms. PapiyaBagchi for Reiki I. Reiki II training was given by Mr. Lalit Mohan Puri, internationally renowned reiki grandmaster. Reiki III training was given by Mr. Swarup Sarkar. Pratanu Banerjee got the training in crystal reiki from Mr. Swarup Sarkar. Mr. Swarup Sarkar also trained him in self hypnosis and emotional empowerment.

Pratanu Banerjee learnt science communication and media practice from Indian science news association. He has received certificate at the end of 10 weeks course. He has been allowed to visit reputed institutes of research in jadavpur. He has created a report on science communication and presented it at the end of course.

Pratanu Banerjee got the training in anthropology from bangabasi college and narasinhadutta college. He has been supported by teachers of both college for his enthusiasm in the subject. He has been provided notes from the teachers written in their hand. Many teachers like Mr. Samarendranath Gupta, Mr. DipakMukhopadhyay helped him. Mr. Mukul Chakraborty from Narasinha Dutta College also helped him with his notes and guidance. Mr. Subho Roy of Narasinha Dutta College helped him with his notes. Mr. BiswanathRoy , ex professor of Bangabasi college and Mr. Dipak Banerjee, ex professor of Habra Srichaitanya college helped him during graduation. Pratanu Banerjee has now in youtube where he is talking on anthropology topics and you can find him “anthropology teacher pratanubanerjee” if you type in search box of youtube.

Pratanu Banerjee has studied French language at alliance francaise in Kolkata. He also studied under the guidance of his father who had achieved double promotion in French language. He has received a certificate at the end of course.

Pratanu Banerjee has studied Hospital Administration from Medvarsity online Limited. This is connected with Apollo Gleneagles hospital where a 14 days contact program was held. He presented a patient satisfaction survey report which was held under the supervision of head of gariahat clinic of Apollo named Ms. Indraxi Chakraborty. Pratanu Banerjee passed the exam of hospital administration online and got the certificate from medvarsity online ltd while he was working as a medical transcriptionist in infovision software private limited.

Pratanu Banerjee worked at INFOVISION SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED FOR 3 YEARS as a medical transcriptionist. Then he worked as a senior medical transcriptionist at Infoscribe for 2 years. Then he went to Transvision Software Private Limited. Pratanu Banerjee entered the NGO sector and worked there for more than 2 years under reputed social worker Mr. Lakshmindra Kumar Sarkar of KhatraAdibasi Culture and Development Center. Pratanu Banerjee worked dynamically in the AdibasiSambad, as public relations coordinatorin that NGO and wrote projects on shelter for urban homeless that is successfully approved. Pratanu Banerjee had worked in NGO sodpursrijony welfare society. Pratanu Banerjee also worked in Bisnupuruchchalprobaho as public relations. Pratanu Banerjee is now working at WORLD YOGA SOCIETY under Dr. DibyaSundar Das, yoga doctor of international recognition.

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