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I am offering my mentoring, recording, mixing, and mastering services. I have been producing for over 6 years and am a graduate of the music production school ICON Collective. I have a deep understanding of mixing and mastering acquired through the years. I am highly proficient in Ableton live and have a strong working knowledge of Pro Tools, StudioOne, and Logic. I work with live instrumentation such as guitar, bass and keyboard as well as vocals. I work with several movie trailer firms doing professional sound design. Take a listen to some of my music below.



My studio contains the following gear:

Monitors: Focal SM9's and Avantone mix cubes for B-ref

2x Millenia ORIGIN STT-1

Manley Cardioid Ref C Condensor Microphone

Orange TH-100 Guitar Amplifier

Royer 101 Microphone

SM57 Microphone

Gibson SG

Schecter C1 Blackjack

Universal Audio Apollo 8 and Octo expansion

My rate is variable based on hours purchased. Base rates are below.

Recording - $100/hr

Mentoring - $100/hr (ask about lesson 10-packs)

Mixing - $100/hr

Mastering - $60/song

DJing - $50/hr

Studio Rental: $75/hr

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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