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Get more Reverbnation plays, Soundcloud downloads and more on January 14, 2014 @ 8:42 pmReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Hi fellow musicians and artists,

Im Johnny, a musician amateur and social media expert.
I want to share with you today, how you can increase and skyrocket your online popularity via social media networks.
Most of you are using platforms like youtube, instagram, vimeo etc.. right?
If you dont, then you really should start ASAP!
Anyway, my point is that I saw so many talented artists videos or profiles, with such low number of views, or any social signal. That is very sad, as some of them deserve a better exposure.
I decided to help them using my social media skills, by giving now the opportunity to any musicians or artists, with any budget, to skyrocket his social media visibility.
Via my website, I provide real targeted views, likes, followers, downloads etc and much more, on the main social networks platforms like :
- YouTube
- Instagram
- Datpiff
- Vimeo
- Reverbnation
- Soundcloud
I guaranteed you fast and reliable services, and a complete PRIVACY POLICY, no one will never find out that you boost your social media visibility, as everything is done naturally.
This is the best way to attract more people to discover your music, and at a low cost.
Another benefits is also that you can get the attention of some KEY person on the music business.
To find out more about my services, simply visit

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Re: Get more Reverbnation plays, Soundcloud... on February 16, 2014 @ 3:58 pmReport this post as inappropriate#2
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This is interesting, the trouble is that many musicians don't feel that they can justify paying out money on their musical promotion.

Do you think there are ways for musicians to increase their popularity by changing the way they go about using social media?

I have written before about how bands can use social media to get more gigs etc. Particularly using twitter and using facebook but i'd be interested to know if anybody has any stand out techniques in promoting their music?

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Re: Get more Reverbnation plays, Soundcloud... on December 4, 2014 @ 12:46 amReport this post as inappropriate#3
by Saim McIntosh  

Hi all,

I was researching music promotion and came across this forum and in particular this topic. I have been using soundcloud for many years, I think it's a great service. However, I've never paid for promotion. As we are all aware, as a musician, there's not always a lot of money to go around

I've used social media to share my tracks, and this usually works for a day or so but can be quite difficult to keep people returning and retain interest in 'my latest track' for example.

I did try a service that makes you comment on other's music and then adds your track to a list for others to comments. Kind of like a reciprocal service. It didn't make much difference.

Recently, I came across a new service that is free (surprise surprise) called PlayPushr and really helped to get my latest track off the ground. Its a tool for sharing your music on repeat (or bulk playing to get a few plays on the cards). Up to you how you want to use it. Hope it helps!

Let me know if you come across any other services, always learning more about music promotion.


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