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19 tone equal temeprament compared to 12 on March 11, 2015 @ 12:42 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Sorry to bombard you all with more stuff to do with my dissertation but I could really do with some feedback on a video I have made comparing 19 tone equal temperament (19-tet) with 12-tet. The piece was composed in 1558 by Guilaume Costeley and is called Seigneur Dieu ta pitie, it was written in 19-tet, a tuning system that has 19 tones per octave. I have recorded a guiar duet version of it on a guitar that has 19 frets per ocave, I then created a version on a normal 12-tet guitar, this is an approximation and some of the notes had to be rounded up or down.

If you could take the time to listen to this video which compares the 2 it would be much appraciated. The tone is different of the guitars in the 2 versions as they were recorded on different guitars - try to ignore this.

Any comments on comparing the tuning, consonance/dissonance, the mood created, accessibility, preference or anything else created by the tuning would be great.

thanks a lot,


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