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Hey Guys,

Songwriter Eric Gichira here. Got a new title that I've recently self published.

‘So Much Has Changed' is the title of the ebook. It's a great lyric book which contains country song lyrics. I kindly request you buy this title. Would also be honored if you'd list it in your website/ blog/ newsletter, etc. Kindly feel free to include the books' details on any of your social networking platforms and let your friends, fans, (followers?), readers, etc, know about this insightful book. I'll really appreciate. I've indicated the Amazon links to the books below. Depending on your preferred location or geographical area.
Thank you for your time.
Eric Gichira

So Much Has Changed


Teaser / Blurb:

So competitive is the music business that getting the right placement for your song, if you're a songwriter, can be a very frustrating venture. While songwriters have TAXI and other such leading independent A&R companies to thank, not everyone is lucky enough to get a Record or a Publishing deal.

Not to mention that getting the right contacts in the music business is ever becoming difficult by the day. What to do for songwriters? Don't give up. Stay focused and consistent. Continue to be proactive as you do your thing.

Nothing beats innovation. Be inventive in your songwriting. Make your songs feel totally natural. Now, honest lyrics, touching on what people go through every day, make for a good example. Make your songs believable. Make them have the ‘I know someone who's going through what that song says' feeling.

Always bring your - A - Game into songwriting if you expect to succeed. Did I mention that super melodies are a must? It's definitely what makes people like, and remember a song. That aside, it pays to keep your lyrics conversational, uplifting and to the point.

Add to it: memorable chorus, catchy hooks, imaginative storyline, and a superb presentation – and you've got a great song cooking.

Songwriting is essentially storytelling. Always approach it with that in mind. What story do you want to tell us? What morals do you want us to take home? How do you want us to feel after listening to your song? And most importantly, what do you want us to remember after listening to your song?

As a fringe, and in addition, ask yourself if your song is relevant and if it has a universal appeal. Hope the lyrics in this book will help you get a clearer picture about what songwriting entails. Hope, too, that by buying and going through this lyric book, you'll become a better lyricist/songwriter, than you are at the moment. There's nothing as good as learning and improving on what you're good at. Who knows? You might just be tomorrow's greatest hit maker!

Never forget, lyrics with ironic twists, smart wordplay and a poetic vibe about them, are definitely sure sellers. The idea is to write a song that delivers a knock-out punch. Fresh, unique and with a huge commercial appeal.

Add to the mix: a theme on love, life, and relationship – and you've got a sure winner. Won't hurt to explore other themes like: overcoming challenges, heartbreak, loss, and rediscovering yourself in the process.

About This Book:

‘So Much Has Changed' is the forth book in the series: ‘Country All The Way'. It's written with you in mind and contains lyrics that will help you in your songwriting. Ideal for you, this lyric book is also ideal for anyone looking for lyrics to use for their next hit.

The title lyric, ‘So Much Has Changed, 'is a double treat. There's the Male Vocals version that's found in Part One of this book, and there's the Female Vocals version, found in Part Two of this book. Both are sure treats for leading Country Singers (and Musicians) looking for great lyrics for their next hit.

Each of the three parts contains 10 lyrics, making for a total of 30 awesome lyrics. Definitely a bargain for every singer and songwriter out there!

Though I've tackled other themes in this book, the leading theme is about relationships and the changes (and challenges) that they undergo. Perhaps the reason why I settled for the title: So Much Has Changed.

Grab yourself a ‘copy' and you'll be doing yourself a huge favor. And hey, don't forget to tell your friends about it.


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