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Classic Rock Fans Will Love Rhett May And His War On Drugs on October 7, 2015 @ 9:30 pmReport this post as inappropriate#1
by Eve Langdon  

Fans of Classic Rock will fall in love with the eclectic new sound of Rhett May and his war on drugs. Rhett May brings an infusion of culture and sound to the table like no other Rock artist before him. In an effort to spread awareness on the dangers of drugs, Rhett May is ready to take on the growing drug epidemic in his native Australia with this moving anthem. With the growing problem of drug addiction, May takes it upon himself to use his influence and fame as a musician to raise awareness about the many dangers of drug abuse, both to victims and the people around them. You can get a taste of his empowering sound by listening to his new song; The Violence Of Ice here.

As a songwriter who draws on many of the elements of his own life and consistently talks about the dangers of drug abuse in a fresh new way; Rhett May is definitely an artist you should pay attention to, and his new song The Violence of Ice calls for just that. To stay up to date with Rhett check out his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and ReverbNation or discover more through his official website at

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