When Did Composers Also Become "Philosophers"? posted by Ngo

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When Did Composers Also Become "Philosophers"? on December 23, 2015 @ 9:26 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Sometimes when you listen to a piece and or read about a composer's biography, you get the impression that the composer was writing music as a "philosopher". Gustav Mahler is a good example. His symphony #8 is a large scale philosophical musical thesis on mankind.

On the other extreme, Mozart's symphonies are not that.

These two contrasting examples may show the idioms of their times. I think the "philosophy-composer" still persists today. The question is: "when did this all really start"? Now I know many of you will immediately say "it started as soon as man started to compose". But that was often the case with all Baroque or Classical composers, they wrote music to entertain, to glorify religion and to meet commissions. Whereas composers today are much more consciously philosophical. John Cage is a good example.

I am interested in your thoughts.

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