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Sequenced background music: MIDI or wavefiles on February 19, 2016 @ 3:35 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Good evening:

Longtime musician but with job/family and all that. Looking at getting into some live performing, even just starting with some open mic nights and such.

I write and sequence songs, and play guitar and sing over the keyboard/rhythm tracks. Most of my recording I do with SONAR. I'm kind of seems like for doing this live, there really are two options. The first would be to hook everything up (i.e. the keyboards) and have everything run via performances in SONAR. In this scenario the keyboards would also need to be on stage.

The other options seems to be to record all the audio to wave files, then play the wave files via the laptop.

It seems in some respects that the second option is "easier" would eliminate the keyboards and any technical problems that could some with setup with those. But I'm not sure if the quality might differ.

Does anyone have experience with this...playing over sequenced music, and using either sequencing with active keyboards, or recording everything to wav files and playing those?

Input is very welcome!

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