A music-app idea (for all musicians that record) posted by Asad Saeed

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A music-app idea (for all musicians that record) on March 6, 2016 @ 8:11 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
by Asad Saeed Asad Saeed is currently offline. Click to send a message.

We want to create a virtual platform where different musicians can work together to produce a piece of art using the same tool 'DAW', but in a way that allows collaboration easy. Just like coders use Visual Studio to communicate, coordinate, and work in teams for a project, My Digital Audio Workstation will provide you tools you can professionally record with, and also enable a profile-based-network where you can search for other projects and make money. Once user's skills specified, he can search the sort of work he wants.

I wanted to review this idea firstly, since this place is where collaborations happen frequently, wouldn't it be alot easier to use a single application which is network-based and providing you with the tools to record and collaborate with artists worldwide, find people who can mix and master, or play a certain instrument, or remix your song, being a composer yourself you want maximum resources? This can increase portability and creativity and by time build a strong community where studios collaborate with studios with ease of an application, or artists with artists, provided you have a basic studio setup, (an audio-interface).

Now that you know what i'm trying to create, How 'sound' is this idea, will it be beneficial for the musician market i'm trying to focus on? Or are people too used to the DAW they use and find transferring files and coordinating over messages easier?

This will enable you to work in real-time changes to your track in the DAW and track you are given to work with, its changes are uploaded once you're done with your work.

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