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Garth Taylor on January 7, 2010 @ 4:25 pmReport this post as inappropriate#1
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I'm currently working with Garth to get him established over here in Canada and North America before hitting mainland Europe

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Re: Garth Taylor on January 19, 2010 @ 2:07 pmReport this post as inappropriate#2
by arachnids arachnids is currently offline. Click to send a message.

It's me Marek Podstawek, Polish drummer, percussionist, musician and composer. I've been living in Australia for the past 20 years and appear regularly around the jazz/blues/country/latin/funk/fusion/techno/smooth jazz/pop& rock traps in Melbourne as well as at various regional festivals.

You can find samples of my performances, including original compositions on four Internet

sites: You Tube (drumuniv) for Videos; Motionbeatz (Arachnids); Musicians Page (drumuniv) & The Jazz Network (drumuniv) for audios. Video files, on these sites demonstrate a wide range of performance styles solos, duos as well as performances with bands. On Motionbeatz, Musicianspage & Thejazznetwork you can hear my original instrumental compositions recorded with many local musicians living in Melbourne, Victoria and some of overseas artists.

Please check the following links to view samples of the material that I am passionate about:

Note that not only have I written many original works, I have also created and recorded works by myself by my self using Sequencers ,computer programs, keyboards, synth, vibraphone, marimba & melodica.

For professional purposes, I am available for live music performance as a session drummer & percussionist in any musical style:

Ø Recording sessions

Ø Composition and arrangement any kind of music in any style

Ø Moove sound tracks

Ø Sequencing full tracks and backing tracks

Ø Teaching instruments- drums , percussion, instrumental piano, keyboard, music theory, harmony, chords ,rhythmic ideas & variations and music programs, electronic devices, midi ,synthesizers

Ø Experience organising school and community centre performances -demonstration and drum clinics

It's easy to contact me directly:

Marek Podstawek, Lalor, Melbourne

Ph: (03)94654545 or Mob:0402432918

Email: or

ARACHNIDS Drumuniverse- 30 years professional music experience- classical percussionist and jazz improvisation artist performing live and teaching in Victorian education institutions, companies and Arts & Community Centres. Registered with APRA, Multicultural Music Union, Jazz Clubs, Festivals Venues, & agencies around Australia and overseas (Europe & USA).

I'm looking for people who want to play live, record, produce with me, promote my original compositions and create a fully professional high quality smooth jazz, Latin funk fusion stuff.

Notice from Marek Podstawek (MP3) Arachnids drumuniverse

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Re: Garth Taylor on January 17, 2012 @ 3:29 pmReport this post as inappropriate#3
by NUMUBU NUMUBU is currently offline. Click to send a message.


A year or so back I was invited to join what has turned out to be a phenomenal music based website called NuMuBu = Nu Music Business

Many world class musicians from all genres are already on board and I would be delighted if you would join us, its a free site dedicated to helping you get the most out of all your music needs, no matter if you're a band, store, school, academy, film, radio, television, magazine, Dance, distributor, stage hand, Audio Engineers, Booking Agents, Road managers, back line, tech, or just a solo performing artist Numubu covers it all for you and anything we do not currently cover we will look into and possible incorporate.

I introduced Numubu to a dear friend of mine Elliott Randall ( Steely Dan ), one of the great guitar players of the world, Elliott joined the Numubu team and is now one of the men driving this site forward in a way no other site has done.

Many new areas will go active towards the end of January including online video for use in teaching on a one to one or for mass viewing of for just promoting new music etc.

This site is here for you to use so feel free to come on board, it would be great having you use our site to upload photos and music and promote, and also use the video streaming, another popular edition and this is all free.

I would like to be able to put this site in to the number one position where all those connected to the industry can benefit, this will also include a fan page somewhat like Facebook with may clickable links to all other sites.

I'm currently looking to bring investors on board and would appreciate you looking into this, the site has the ability to be as popular as Facebook as music forms the foundation blocks of everyone.

Best Regards

Rob Taylor

Skype:- rtaylor1956

705 252 0844

Director of Artist Relations Numubu

Artist Relations Director Stetsbar.

International Sales / Artist Relations Director Wyres Strings

Global Consultant for The Jerry Naylor Company, LLC / The Rockabilly Legends Project, international marketing Director of J2 Global Digital and Nayco Entertainment.

Consultant to Burns Guitars

Marketing Director Varim Inc

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