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Affordable album cover art on May 15, 2015 @ 3:59 pmReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Hi, my name is Tom and I run Costume - custom album art.

I'm a freelance designer and I was inspired to create COSTUME after discovering how expensive it was for artists to get decent art for their material. Musician friends of mine told me that they were paying £200+ which, in the current economic state of the arts, seemed a bit high to me.

At the time I had just come across and begun working around a creation technique called Material Design. This technique is often referred to as a design 'philosophy' and rightly so. Designs conforming to this are bright, colourful, clean and eye catching, all qualities I realised that belonged in Album cover art.

Where many companies will ask for £200+ for covers as simple as black with white text, I charge £50 for all designs, be them minimalistic or complex.

Visit my website at for more info and to get in touch.

What about you? What have your experiences been when trying to find great cover art?


Founder of COSTUME - custom album art

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