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Hello everyone , looking for some tips... on March 23, 2016 @ 12:45 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
by Shahar Sheray Shahar Sheray is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Hello every one , my name is She-Ray

I'm 22 , living in Israel

I play guitar since I was 7 , I sing and I'm writing a lot .

My main ghoul in life is developing a carrier as a musician in the United States .

Right now , I'm working in a factory in Israel , saving money for a demo , new equipment , video and some money to fly with...

I'm looking for some tips from you guys on getting started , I have so many questions...

First of all , where should I start as a starting musician ? New York , Los Angeles , San Francisco ? .

How do I start ? Am I just playing all day on the street and give my demo to every bar manager ? Or is there a better way to get involved ?...

Also , How do I approach a label ? What exactly do I need to send them ? It will be better to send my demo and bio before I'm flying to the Us?

And my last question , if I'm signing in a label , while I'm staying on tourist visa , do they get me an artist visa ?

So mainly , how do I start..and if you have any other tips that you think I should know before I'm starting I'll be happy to hear them ((:

Planing the flight something like 7 months from now

Thank you everyone !


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