Composer of dark and emotional music says hi! :) posted by Mika Pilke

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Composer of dark and emotional music says hi! :) on September 25, 2017 @ 4:58 pm
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Okay. I just noticed the existance of this forum and naturally instantly signed up.

My name is Mika Pilke. A hobbyist composer (and hobbyist photographer) from Finland.

To cut things short, I got interested of creating music almost 20 years ago. I believe I went through the basic line of progress. First picked up a guitar as a teenager, then played in several bands for maybe a decade and got kind of tired of it. Road just isn't for me. I love music, but creating atmospheres is definitely the most intriguing thing in it.

So yeah, soundtrack music is my thing, and lately I've been doing music for games especially. During this summer I was asked to seven different projects, so things are definitely moving forward, which is nice.

To be more specific, I tend to create a bit darker, odd and maybe even sad atmospheres (fantasy, horror ect.). I also like to work all alone, so these creations are actually very personal for me. Everything in these from filming, editing, composing, singing, mixing and mastering are done by myself. So they might not be perfect, but I'm kind of happy how they have turned out.

For some people some of my creations might be a bit too slow or maybe odd. But all of them are created with deep passion for music.

And luckily there are actually people who like them too.



PS. It's always nice to get some feedback! So if there are some ideas, opinions or things to add, don't ever hesitate to say it out aloud!

More of my material can be found here too: