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I'm offering Mixing and Mastering on August 16, 2012 @ 1:55 pmReport this post as inappropriate#1
by Nash Music Nash Music is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Hi. If you want to get your music mixed or mastered to give it that competitive edge then please do get in touch!

My email is tapiwa@mail.com

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Re: I'm offering Mixing and Mastering on August 16, 2012 @ 4:44 pmReport this post as inappropriate#2
by Mathew Kolawole Oshikoya Mathew Kolawole Oshikoya is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Gafista Concepts Limited specialise on Entertainment,Music,Art,Comedy,importation,construction and so on.

We are one of the most popular Entertainment company in Nigeria with history of promoting musicians,comedians and artistes.

We have decided to visit your country MOLDOVA on a 15days of Entertainment Tour / Concert in which we will bring talents from Nigeria,USA and UK to perform a Live show in your country.

The 15 Days visit is not a non stop show, there will be some days that our performers will rest and there will be other days for sightseeing and other tourist attractions.

Based on your achievements as one of the best entertainer recommended to us during our global data base search, we want you to take part in this our Live show by participating with us as Entertainer and as well our Host Partner in which you will arrange for us all it requires for the show to take place.

This Entertainment show will bring a lot of profits, fame, pride, international recognition and will as well promote the talents of those coming from our country, exposure to those of your country and a profitable partnership to your person because we will share all our profits based on an agreed %.

We are not new in arranging an International Concert, This time around we have chosen MOLDOVA because of the interest gathered from our Marketers, fans and well wishers that they so much want us to arrange a concert show in MOLDOVA. I must tell you that over 1,000,000 { ONE MILLION COPIES} copies of CD's both Audio and Video CD's have been demanded for globally even thou we have not stage the show yet.

In this case, we are so much confident and really interested to make this Concert show a reality as our Sponsors are only waiting to receive the budget of our total cost so that they can raise the funds immediately.

Meanwhile, You will not only arrange for this shows but you will also manage our tickets sale and gate taking. Although tickets sale will not be every time of the show, some shows will be free to bring in more audience. As a matter of fact, we are not expecting to make profits from ticket sale but we are already assure that millions of people are waiting to buy our CD's after the show.

Kindly get back to us with, Prices of Halls to use for the Live show, prices of Musical instruments , Prices for Video coverage and photographs, Prices for recoding CD and Audio CD,your personal charge fee as Host and other necessary equipments.

We need this budget of the total cost of this show urgently so that we can send them to our sponsors in the United States for release of funds immediately.

We have a capable body to finance our Live show.

We need your response urgently.

Thank you and waiting to hear from you.

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