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by sevenskiesmusic sevenskiesmusic sevenskiesmusic sevenskiesmusic is currently offline. Click to send a message.

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[QUOTE id=25297 time=1402574973]

We are a new ambitious project. We have our minds set on creating the biggest and the best royalty free music marketplace. We welcome music of all genres, but for the sake of quality we are very, very selective when it comes to accepting music for our library. The quality and musical ideas are the most important things of all. The is the key to success for us and for you, dear composers.

If your music is accepted into our library, we'll do everything we can think of to get your music placed and earning you money for doing what you do best, this will be mutually beneficial, because SSM provides an opportunity for music to reach new listeners while at the same time making the artist money. If you are looking to make the whole world listen to your music, you are in the right place!

Feel free to submit your music here: mp3 128 kbps or the direct link to your music is welcome. If your music suits our library, you will be required to send us wav. files of accepted tracks. check out my music on facebook, Reverbnation, it's much better now, but this will give you an idea of what it's all about.


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I have some Indian composition. Can i send that?

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