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by Leisa Coffman  
EVERY Artist/Band/Group needs exposure that's a given. The "Right" kind of exposure is what sometimes gets missed. There is so many outlets out there. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook...the list goes on.

Yes, you can buy Facebook likes, twitter followers, youtube views but really how effective is that? Other than giving you a "look" of popularity it really isn't doing anything for your exposure to the people you want to be exposed too.

There is an incredible amount of talent in the world. How do YOU get seen and taken seriously by industry leaders that can make a difference in your career as a musician.

The above is why I formed my company, Promovocative. (Which is my own word I coined) I have been in entertainment marketing for several years. I know the trends, I know the angles, I know the industry well and I know the ups and downs of the artist that is trying to "make it".

I formed this company because I want to help those specific artists get in the doors that so many try to get in. It's not easy...I don't judge talent as being good or bad but more about what is your niche and is it something someone is looking for? And if so who? There are many different types of artist talent and I have contacts of music industry leaders all over the world.

Do you have a niche? Do you have that "Something Special" that nobody else has that conveys well to the public? Do you want to expose those talents to the people who can make a difference in your career? These are the people I am looking for. While I can't manage everyone because I give very exclusive service, I CAN showcase all those high potential artists and that's why I am beginning my Online Showcase area that will be promoted to industry leaders. Learn about me by checking out my profile, website and see if it fits your needs. Peace!

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