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by Leisa Coffman  
I have been a marketing specialist for years in the entertainment industry. Why I began my company Promovocative is because I think there is a need for my service. The need for representation that is promoting quality and the marketable for reasonable costs. This is why I began my Showcase division. I am not managing the artists on the Showcase, but I am pitching them. Managing requires much more time and I will only manage one artists/band/group at a time.

The showcase area of Promovocative is targeting specifically to the people on the showcase. For a very affordable monthly fee (I offer 3 packages) You can get promoted directly to your target, professionally.

Does that mean I am just going to put the video's on the website and just hope people see it? Absolutely not! It means each and everyone put on my showcase will be directly pitched to who I think will have an interest. I have many private contacts in the industry and I am resourceful in getting information when needed.

I have met and worked with some of the worlds best entertainers through my work, I was a director of marketing for an entertainment company and through this I learned a lot about the entertainment industry as a whole. I am fortunate that I met these people and got to work with them and learn from them.

I myself am a singer/songwriter. I almost obtained a record deal in the late 90's. I was in my late 20's at the time. They eventually passed. I finally realized for myself, I was happiest working in the administrative end of music AND movies, because I also produce videos.

I will always sing and write personally but I so enjoy promoting talent and pitching people that I think have great potential. I have a good ear for the unique and marketable and I love putting it to good use. Peace out!

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