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A ridiculously good opportunity for a female-fronted band on April 3, 2015 @ 7:27 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Sorry for the hyperbole but I want to make sure nobody causes an accident while reading this. This is more than just a music opportunity actually.

I'm someone who has been pondering the mysteries of the world and exploring the unknown for quite some time now. Nearly everything in my life has by some fluke aided me or persuaded me to think and discover. There's so much that's happened and so much analysis and music listening that I've done that it would take me ages to describe it all. The ambition is insane except that I have very detailed reasoning to suggest that I'm thinking clearly. I've formulated a plan for the world and one of the first steps is to find people to help form a band.

I am not like other people in the music industry but I believe that I've solved enough of the mysteries of good music as well as creativity to accomplish things that go beyond music even. Vocalists, instrumentalists, and non-musicians don't necessarily perceive music similarly and sometimes having someone see things from a fresh point of view helps when it comes to innovation. For something as subjective as music taste there isn't one music taste that fits all, but there are probabilities as to what the most accomplished music listeners will like, and this is what I claim to understand and what I believe is one of the surest paths to determining what music is good. The process I went through to understand this involved a combination of extreme luck, training, and effort. There is an aspect of neutrality in the way that I do this that I think will allow me to stake a claim to being able to judge good music and allow this music to have wide appeal.

The music I have is for a female-fronted band. Let's just call it a rock band but it's really a band that touches a lot of genres. The diversity of the songs and vibes sounds like it shouldn't work but I think that it will be surprising what this band could end up doing for music. Even if the description of a particular song makes you cringe or become doubtful then I think it could still end up being surprisingly good. I've thought of what songs an ultimate band should have and what would work for the influential US market even. The US would be the ideal place to start to maximize the plan's effect. I've thought of what the industry wants and what music fans want. Whether it is vocals or instrumentals, I have the main part of the magic. It's almost as if some of this music formed in my mind out of necessity because it is missing in the world. The vocalist has to be able to sing almost anything and match a lot of different looks, and the guitarists will have to be able to handle being the next guitar heroes. I've searched far and wide to the corners of the world to ensure that my taste is developed enough and to know what standards have been set out there. There might be at least one song to give the band the confidence to hang with most given artists at their own craft. I've got systems in place to rank musical segments and determine their originality. I think the discography has enough quality, quantity, and density to almost guarantee success and there will be numerous chances for the band to go viral and capture varying demographics.

I'd like some of the band members to help finish off the parts that I don't provide to feel a sense of ownership. I might also need a non-band member to help with other things because I'm not exactly an expert at a lot of business related things, or even music related things. I just want to focus on what I'm best at, which is providing the magic behind some of the best music. This opportunity may sound too daunting or too good to be true but it really might be the opportunity that never comes again and it could be as simple as me picking the first people that contact me that I think are suitable enough. There's no real catch that I know of, no scam, no joke, no delusion, and I'm careful with whom I deal with. PM me if you're interested in helping to make this happen.

And there's more than just music. I wish I could explain everything but words aren't enough.

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