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Successful marketing includes a blend of media mix. But when you are first starting out well, there are budget constraints. If your idea was to just set up a Facebook page and then the next stop would be the Apollo... well, let's just say it will probably be a long wait.

You need to promote yourself. You know that, I know that and Facebook knows that. Did you know that Facebook actually wants you to pay them money to promote yourself on their page? (I guess they do have to keep the electricity on) I found this article on

Jesse Cannon writes; Over a year ago, we learned that Facebook woul

no longer allow Pages (like your band or small business) to communicate with all of the people who have clicked on your page. Instead, they would only let you contact 15-20% of the people who liked your page unless you paid money to "promote" your page. Well, it turns out, it gets worse... Valleywag has up an article that Facebook plans on only allowing you to contact 1-2% of the people who have liked your page unless you pay Facebook to talk to them.

I have heard stories like TDS Guns in Rocklin, Ca, who had thousands of followers, had his Facebook account reset and had to start all over from scratch. Understand, Facebook is an important part of you promotion/on-line strategy. But don't put your eggs all in one basket.

Fans want apps, and your Mobile App will tie all of your online stuff together. It's like a remote control for you online digital presence!

Your music can be on your app. (for purchase even) Your events, show calendar, message can be sent, which you can even geo-fence so that you can target a particular area or state even. Fan walls, fan loyalty, you can integrate all of this with your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram to give your fans a complete package of you!

This is cool, cutting edge and affordable.

For more info, check here;

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