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Duo Di.Diamond & DJ Avilable in September 2015 on May 29, 2015 @ 5:45 pmReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Di.Diamond singer in a duet with DJ. We accept offers of a contract lasting from six months to a year contract beginning in the period from September 2015 in hotels and clubs in the resorts of the world .With New Life show program consisting of all original songs written Di.Diamond in collaboration with many of music producers in the genres of dance, trance , electro danse House, pop. Some of the songs are already on sale on Itunes Amazon and international radio stations and in the collections of dance music.

As for the contract to write the official mail 
Official Site 






( All My Songs original what i work like singer songwriter with many producers some songs have in Itunes Amazon and over major site you can lisen mp3 in soundcloud and reverbnation Di.Diamond)

1. "Walk With me " Di.Diamond & unisyn (Dance)
2."Barbie" Di.Daimond & Sync Diversity (Dance pop)
3. "Bella Bella " Di.Diamond & Sync Diversity (Dance pop)
4."Heartbeat" Di.Diamond & Sync Diversity(Dance)
5. "Ocean" Di.Diamond & Sync Diversity(Trance)
6."Fly Away" Di.Diamond & Sync Diversity(Trance)
7."Hero" Di.Diamond & Von Ander Planet ( Club Dance Music)
8."PinoColata" Di.Diamond (Dance)
9."Pacific Dawn" Di.Diamond & Unisyn ( Electronic Pop)
10."One Love" Di.Diamond &Von Ander Planet ( Club Dance Music)
11."Crush Born Flying" Di.Diamond ( Pop)
12."Eclipse" Di.Diamond & Bandi42 ( House Dance)
13."Colours" Di.Diamond & Andy Leech (House Dance)
14."Nothing Can Stop Stars" Di.Diamond & AndyMc ( Pop)
15."Hypnotic Dream " Di.Diamond ( Trance )
16." Some to Say "Di.Diamond (Trance)
17."Preciouse" Di.Diamond Mix( Pop)
18."Genetica "Di.Diamond & Unisyn (Pop)
19."Mechanized Control " Di.Diamond & Unisyn (Electronic Pop)
20."Hello" Di.Diamond & Mr Friso (Trance)
21."Dream" Di.Diamond & Mr Friso (Trance)
22."Night" Di.Diamond (Trance)
23." Boom Dance" di.Diamond (Dance )
24."Kisses" Di.Diamond Mix (Trance)
25. "Goodbay "Di.Diamond Cover Version (Dance)
26."Lounge Di" Di.Diamond & Jaime

テ頗テ巣テ青キテ窓テ青コテ青ーテ青ステ曹テ窓,テ澄テ青オテ青イテ青クテ漕テ青ー Di.Diamond テ椙テ青ーテ青ステ青ステ窓,テ頗テ青セテ青ステ青ーテ青コテ青セ,テ雀テ青クテ漕テ漕テ青ー. -..
テ澄テ青オテ青イテ青クテ漕テ青ー Di.Diamond テ青ク テ青シテ巣テ青キテ窓テ青コテ青ーテ青ステ曹テ窓. テ頗テ巣テ青キテ窓テ青コテ青ーテ青サテ糟テ青ステ青セテ青オ テ早テ青セテ青ソテ操テ青セテ青イテ青セテ青カテ青エテ青オテ青ステ青クテ青オ テ青イテ青オテ燥テ青オテ操テ青セテ青イ ,テ早テ青イテ青ーテ青エテ青オテ青ア テ青ステ青ー Cote D'azur テ椙テ青ーテ青ステ青ステ窓, テ雀テ青クテ漕テ漕テ青ー,テ頗テ青セテ青ステ青ーテ青コテ青セ...
Di Diamond

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