The only Yugoslav sonata for 2 violins posted by Penn Brooks

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The only Yugoslav sonata for 2 violins on January 15, 2015 @ 3:40 pmReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Drago Kocakov : Sonata for Two Violins 'Intimus'

Free sheet music on IMSLP (Petrucci Library)'Intimus'_(Kocakov,_Drago)

Work is specific thus distinctive. It is not of a concertante character, rather opposite - intimate (in accordance with it's title 'intimus', Latin for 'friend of confidence'). With the interest concentrated upon the essence of music, it was written in a somewhat minimalist manner (reduction of a number of notes that were not indispensable to objectify the idea). Kocakov composed the sonata at the time he was no longer engaged in music professionally due to neuropathy causing partial immobility of joints, hence the easiness of the sonata in terms of technique. However, the sonata is an accomplished work, and it's inner pensive dimension results with challenging content expression of which seeks a mature interpreter. As the chamber form of the violin duo is by far the most awkward and ungrateful instrumental formation to write for, it can be said this work is a successful attempt of mastering it, and a balance between the two violins status established.

Piece style: early 20th ct., classical modernism

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