Would adding frets to a violin make learning faster? posted by Desiree D'amico

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Re: Would adding frets to a violin make learning... on February 19, 2014 @ 9:13 pm
by zia0shironamhin zia0shironamhin is currently offline. Click to send a message.

I am a bassist & occasionally tried some other instruments like Sarod, Violin, Upright bass etc. I have tried some customization on my cello as I've installed frets as I am comfortable playing vibrato technique on frets rather than detache bowing. Basically intonation crisis or tonal geography on fretless instruments can be overcome by practice & paying attention & time but you know, playing comfort is a different thing. As a bassist or a guitarist (that I have been playing for 23 years) I am using certain techniques & moves with which I am really comfortable & I am eager to get that comfort on trying any instrument that I get & I don't want to be frustrated after trying. Yes, those frets helped me. I have tuned my strings as G,D,A,E instead of A,D,G,C usual cello tune as I am a Bassist & I am comfortable moving on that tune & geography. Well, D remains same, so no problem with that. A drops down to G, G goes 2 notes higher & the challenging part is C goes E. Now, no forum could solve my problem when I asked. I thought the string tension will be so high that the string won't last or the fingerboard might develop torsion as it has no truss rod inside. So, I tried a jazz guitar flat wound D string & tuned into E. Trust me, it sounds horrible while bowing on it. So, I tuned the C string up to D, waited for a couple of days, tuned 1 note higher, waited again then its E now. It is smooth, creating no problem at all! Planning to buy 1 set Presto black nylon wound string, I hope the result will go even better. The only thing that you should care is the tune goes up & down for the respective strings & you should vary you pressure on bow accordingly. Well, it's a matter of practice. You may try it as well. You may watch the video of my playing on my customized cello on a casual jam with a violin, acoustic guitar & a fretless bass. You may search youtube with the track title - Blindfold Birds' Ballad on the youtube channel - ShironamhinTV . Here is the link. Some more jammimg videos & demonstration on customizing coming up. Please subscribe & leave your feedback if it helps.