Greetings from A Violin Perspective )) posted by Valentin Pribylovskiy

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Greetings from A Violin Perspective )) on February 22, 2016 @ 12:32 am
by Valentin Pribylovskiy  

Hi. My name's Valentin. I'm a violinist. I've recently created a youtube channel called a Violin Perspective. It's mainly about non-technical aspects of playing the instrument. It is not in any way a tutorials channel but rather observations, experiments and tips from my personal experience that I would love to share. Mental and emotional side of music is a very subjective topic and usually based on discussions. That's why I'm here. I guess this is the right place for discussions.

So here's the link to the channel .

It would be very nice to read your feedback, ideas and opinions. I hope these violin and musical extras would be helpful or at least interesting for you. Thanks for your attention!