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Calling All Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Rappers, etc on January 8, 2015 @ 3:02 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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If you are a music artist and are looking for your original work to gain mass exposure to listeners and a chance to make money with people buying your music, I have an awesome opportunity for you!

Today, the music industry has so many players, nobody knows where to turn or whom to trust. iSongU is not really a player - we are simply a fair platform on which musicians and fans can take charge of their own destiny; a place where they can trust one another.

On iSongU, you can upload your original work for free. It will go through 20 filters with listeners hearing your music anonymously and IF it's good enough to make it through the filters, your music goes to mass exposure (500,000+ listeners and this number continues to grow). At mass exposure, people can learn who you are, so they can check out more of your music and have the option to buy your stuff - which means you make money.

If you are interested, click this link
and follow the steps to sign up and get your music out there.

if you have any questions, feel free to email me at


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