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My 2 Lyricbooks Now Available on June 11, 2015 @ 9:21 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Hey Guys,

This is Kenyan songwriter Eric Gichira. I've recently self published two ebooks:
1/ For Lovers of Country Music

2/Love and Family.

Both are lyric books which contains country songs lyrics. I kindly request if you purchase this 2 important books. Kindly feel free to include my books' details on any of your communication platforms such as blogs and websites and let your readers know about these insightful books. I'll really appreciate. I've indicated the Amazon links to the books below.
Thank you for your time.
Eric Gichira

1/ For Lovers of Country Music


About The Book / Blurb

I hereby present you: ‘For Lovers of Country Music' and hope that this lyric book will help you discover something about lyric writing.
The lyric themes in this book are diverse and well structured. In some of the lyrics, the storytelling approach is exceptionally utilized. All the lyrics in this lyric book are original, sincere and have a genuine delivery about them. They are emotionally engaging and appropriate for top rated artists looking for their next hit, or for the struggling songwriter (or lyricist) deeply searching for solutions and answers on how to write great songs.
From catchy titles to typical topics; from unique and cool images to fresh and current love song themes – For Lovers of Country Music – will take you by storm! All lyrics have a dynamic build that leads to an epic chorus. Here are lyrics that are ready for the mainstream market, and for the discerning heart that's ready to learn and get better with each new song.
The lyrics in this book will give you a competitive edge, should you be an artist looking to cause ripples in the music industry. And learning to write great and marketable lyrics (such as those you'll find here in – For Lovers of Country Music -) will ultimately get industry professionals seeking you out.

By going through the lyrics, you'll:
1/ Learn how to write marketable lyrics
2/ Discover the importance of storytelling and how it plays a huge role in the craft of songwriting
3/ Learn how to develop “the voice” in your songs
4/ Get the rare benefits of going through various lyrics – all in one package – written in different “voices” and presented in diverse styles and structures
5/ Learn how to create a poetic effect in your songwriting
6/ Get the rare chance and privilege to experience first hand (as you read through this book) how good lyrics are written, how they ought to flow, and the beauty of lyric writing that's necessary to produce hit songs.
I've divided this book into two parts for easy flow and understanding. Part One contains lyrics for Male Vocals whereas Part Two contains lyrics for Female Vocals. In simple language: Part One are (the Songs He Sings) and Part Two are (the Songs She Sings). There are twenty lyrics in total, ten for each part.

This lyric book will open your eyes to great ideas and possibilities that exist in the music business – and more specifically, the Country Music industry. By improving on your songwriting skills, you too can reap excellent rewards for your efforts.
Enjoy the book.


2/ Love and Family


About The Book/ Blurb:

What's lacking today is that rare breed of songwriters willing to stay the course until success happens.

Every aspect of songwriting matters. Writing brilliant lyrics is every songwriter's desire. Yet, the challenge of staying relevant and sending a positive message out there, is always ever present.

The music industry is full of wannabes buzzing all over, yet making no impact. Hot-headed, impatient and arrogant fellows who don't last long. Full of enthusiasm but lacking in skills; loaded with zeal, but short on talents; carrying a musical vision, but lacking in direction. For them, a few tips here will help:

1/ Take time to understand the music industry

2/ Take time to learn the new trends in the industry

3/ Know your target market

4/ Constantly improve on what you have to offer the industry/market

5/ Package, present, market and distribute it exceptionally well

6/ Keep establishing and growing new contacts and networks in the music industry, as well as outside of it.

So, write and produce more (and better) songs. Don't fear to try them out in the market. Then, enter the many music contests that are available in your geographical area. You never know – how or when, you hit your breakthrough!

If getting started is the hard part, then staying in the music business is even harder. However, learning and developing your songwriting skills is essential. And while at it, learn from the advice of those who know a thing or two about the music business. You'll be too grateful for it, if not now, in future.


Love and Family is my third lyric book. It's part of the Country All The Way series that the market is warming up to. Lyrics in Love and Family touch on the subject of love, and you guessed it right, family.

This eBook contains superb lyrics that tell the story of love and relationships from end to end: the falling in love bit, the marriage issues, family issues, breaking up, moving on, etc.

The lyrics are ideal for upcoming (and established) musician looking for something fresh for all Country Music lovers. And certainly, for an industry that would do with a new and recharged, musical energy.

Enjoy the book.


Thank you,

Eric Gichira

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