Maria Pozdnyakova Resume

Maria Pozdnyakova was born in Moscow in 1984. She started her harp lessons in Children Music school at the age of 6. By the time she graduated from school she already participated in many concerts in different concert halls of Moscow. In 1999 she continued her education in Moscow State Gnessins Music College. During the years in College she participated in several International musical events, such as World Harp Congress in Geneva and Moscow International Vera Dulova Harp Competition. She graduated in 2003 with Diploma with Honors and continued her study in Moscow Fine Arts Academy under prof. Emilia Moskvitina.

The crucial point at her carrier was winning the 3rd prize on the 3rd International Vera Dulova Harp competition and meeting there her future teacher Erika Waardenburg. To study with her, Maria came to the Netherlands and was admitted to the Utrecht Conservatory to the 3rd year of Bachelor. She obtained her Bachelor with honors diploma in 2008. She continued with her Masters in Utrecht Conservatory and studied baroque harp with Constance Allanic as a part of her research project. The idea of the project is combining modern harp and baroque harp at the same level of performing skills and inspiring composers for writing new pieces for baroque harp.

At the same time, Maria is participating in the Harp competitions all over Europe, hoping that her harp solo carrier can benefit from it. Being competitive from nature helps to keep the interpretation and skills of playing on a very high level and Maria performed a Concerto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo with an orchestra for her Final Master Recital.

Maria has various programs as solo and as a part of a chamber group. Her solo recital includes pieces by renown composers, such as J.S.Bach and G.Faure and lesser known, but not less important composers. The well established duo with flute player Anna Zeijlemaker offers a beautiful program by dutch composers. Collaboration with other musicians is a very important point for a modern performer and Maria finds it very interesting and inspiring thing to do. Especcialy interesting are the projects involving new compositions and experimental music.

Updated:  August 17, 2010

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