Zachary Revels Resume

      Zachary Revels
2592 Running River Ct
Lawrenceville, Ga 30045

My career goals are to exceed expectations in everything I do, especially in my career of music. In being the influential leader that I am, I will carry my positive attitude on to my fellow musicians and create the best work environment possible to please everyone who is apart of the team. While still being careful to precise detail, my work has always been accurate, fast paste, and pleasing. Mostly of all, I will take pride in whatever music I can play and be willing to share all of my knowledge and skills to everyone to benefit better changes for the environment. Music is my LIFE !


Drummer since the age of 12.
Currently making my own music/beats.
Previous owner of a small DJ business.
Experince with local bands.

Updated:  September 5, 2010

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