Saschelle Simms Resume

      Saschelle Simms also known as was born April 22, 1987. From the moment she entered this world her mother knew right from that very moment that she was going to be famous. Years past into her childhood until the age of 3 that began her tune in singing. As a toddler she was walking around singing whatever she could voice out. More and more over the years,her voice grew stronger and she was participating in many things. Such as: Singing lead in the church choir Metropolitan Opera in New York City Broward Performing Arts Center in Florida Soon as middle school came to began she auditioned to attend Parkway Middle School of the Performing Arts and have course she made it in. She continued there for the next 3 years majoring in vocal. During that time she performed solos,participated in talent shows,went performing all over on trips, and participated in All County Chorus. Then it was time to start high school. For her 9th grade she attended South Plantation High School and without a doubt she joined their Chorus were again she performed solos and participated in All State Chorus. Thereafter,she attended Dillard High School of the Performing Arts and this time there was no need for an audition because of her previous vocal history.During her chorus participation, she had a group outside of school called "Passions".That consisted of 3 members herself included. They performed Gospel music at her church. However that group did not last too long. That was a sign that she had to do things solo. She graduated in 2005. Now at the age of 20 she is still pursuing her singing career and continues to produce music with artists by the name of "Viz","Baliztik","G-Block", "Don Wand: who is her manager and CEO, and "Mowet" previously from Pretty Ricky;just to name a few. She is now as part of Teflon Music Group ran by Don Wand. So look out for her as Broward R&B Singer. For booking call 305-469-0490

Updated:  September 14, 2010

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