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The Marcus Davis Project is a live extension of a studio recording project called Serious Nubian .Executing original compositions live. The Marcus Davis Project is an interchanging band collective led by Marcus Davis.The current band line up is a duo formation comprising of Marcus Davis/Bass/Synthesizer/Vocoder/Drum Programming/Composer/ argumented by Sax or Guitar.Playing an all original set ,incorperating intelligent improvised soloing The Marcus Davis Project establishes new boundaries in innovation for creativity and groove.
Cds by released by Serious Nubian /Marcus Davis Project

Confrontaions (1994)
Funky Lix (1999)

Moody Modes (2000)

All That I Do (2002)
Reflections (2003)
Heavy Duty Hardcore (2004)
State Of Mind (2005)

You can also hear and purchase more music at :

You can also purchase cds by e-mail or by phone.To get promo/info package and to book Marcus Davis for studio session dates or The Marcus Davis Project for concerts,gigs etc e-mail marcusdavis40@yahoo.cato book.A concert Dvd is now available for purchase Dvd,s cost $12 please e-mail or call to place

your order.

Updated:  December 9, 2010

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