Vasio Dunn Resume

      One of the hottest producers in the area, Vasio Dunn generates a sound unique to the artist the best word to describe this is "Sound Design". His work is a epiphany of talent. Refusing to duplicate or recreate what has been done. Vasio does and continues to do what won't be done. The passion grew at a tender age of listening to vinyl and understanding intricate parts of music theory. Studying and enjoying all forms and calibers of music. Understanding that music is not only notes and bars, but a feeling. Vasio has not mastered a particular instrument, but can function quite a few, to include piano/keyboards/synths, drums, guitar and clarinet. Yes! clarinet, this is the instrument that opened the musical doors for this humble producer.

Vasio has studied his craft for some time at Omega Studios of Recording Arts and Berklee School of Music. Getting much of his production inspiration from Art Of Noise Producers-Gary Langan and J. J. Jeczalik. Other Producer's such as Eumir Deodato, Walter "Junie" Morrison, Robert John "Mutt" Lange and Keith Olsen-- to name a few gave him a foundation of sound.

His work includes television commercials, television shows, film and various artist around the globe.

Updated:  November 19, 2010

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