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      Sandie and PIng first got together over four years ago and it quickly became apparent that they had a mutual affinity for songs played in an intimate duo setting. Having such a natural rapport meant that they have developed quickly as a duo.

Sandie Safont
Sandie is a professional singer working in France and London, UK.

Sandie's sultry vocals cross over into a large repertoire drawing on jazz, blues, pop, folk, soul and Brazilian music.

After making her singing debut in 1997 at the AJMI (Association for Jazz & Improvised Music, Avignon, France) Sandie moved to the UK where she studied jazz improvisation with singers Louise Gibbs & Michele Hendricks (daughter of vocalese pioneer John Hendricks). Soon after she began to make a name for herself in London where she played clubs, festivals and attended various jam sessions where she worked with the likes of Jim Richardson (bassplayer with Georgie Fame), the late Harry Beckett and many more.

Sandie then moved onto a more electronic scene and worked with Brazilian percussionist Edmundo Carneiro (Tania Maria, St Germain …) and Zero 7 singer Mozez.

More projects have followed up, including her current collaboration with London guitarist Ping Lee.

Ping Lee
Ping Lee is an experienced and versatile guitarist based in London, UK.

He has extensive live experience playing in a variety of settings and venues both in the UK and abroad. In the studio Ping has recorded for commercials as well as for dance and drum‘ n' bass artists such as J Laze and Aldwin Johnson. As an artist in residence he recently worked alongside Nitin Sawhney for the re-launching of the Royal Festival Hall in London. He has also worked with the likes of The Puppini Sisters, Whoopee productions and Riz-MC.

Ping Lee is also a composer and arranger. Over the years his own projects have spanned an eclectic mix of styles ranging from a modern jazz guitar/bass/drum trio (Ran) to his current collaboration with French singer Sandie Safont.

Ping has also worked with the following:

Jodie Scantlebury (Rosin Murphy, The Noisettes)
Ashes Quartet
Aurel Dragalina
The Forget Me Nots

Updated:  September 7, 2011

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