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Im Chris from the Uk.

I am looking for musicians to form a blues/contempory band in the Scunthorpe region also-

I hand build custom harmonica cases made to fit your specifications. Or I have standard ones, already made, ready to go. Available in Fender tweed, fender black, Marshall elephant print Black or white, red, green, blue and brown. Infact if theres a material/colour you want not listed here I can do that too. Choose from nickel/chrome or brass/gold fixings and choice of standard or special handles. Custom foam inserts designed with your needs in mind one to one. Standard boxes are 300x320x145mm. I can build as big or as small as you wish. This case will fit onto most microphone stands. Prices start from $96 amercian dollars. Message or email me if your interested, can send worldwide.

For those on facebook if you follow this link you can see a selection of cases I have already made, with pictures of materials and handles etc. Website coming soon-

Not sure how to add photos on here yet but you can email me for some.

Updated:  April 6, 2011

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