Barbara Szkudlarek Creative Page

-professional piano player-bachelor art degree

musicologist/theory of music and composition /-art master degree

all degrees making in LODZ-Poland /Prof.Barbara Talma-Sutt class-piano/

many musical projects,own band with originall music/tournee Moskwa Kazan/,Lodz GRAND Theater as teenager singer in-operas,/solo Tannhauser -Carmen-La Boheme/ classical duets-trio-quartets /original singing voice for Colargol animation

long lasting expierience

Malgorzata Bandur/violinist Marcin Bandur flutist PL/ Dave Blazer /jazz trumpet USA/-Maria King /piano UK/-Gregg Scott/violinist UK/-

Claude Debussy transcription by Ravel for piano from flute and harp C Major partiture

Updated:  June 30, 2015

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