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      Zodiac Band
AbuDhabi Howard Johnson 2016
AbuDhabi Howard Johnson 2015
AbuDhabi Howard Johnson 2014
China Sheraton Hotel 2014
Alger Sheraton Hotel 2011
Abu Dhabi 2011
Maroko Agadir Hotel 2010
Antalya- Turkey 2009
Alger-Sheraton Hotel 2008
Korea- Busan-Paradaise Hotel 2007
Abu Dhabi- Hayward Jonson Hotel 2006
Korea- Seuol -Weston Choisan Hotel-2005
Korea- Seoul-Weston Choisan-KOEX- 2004

Quartet Zodiac team consists of one
women and a tri man. The all of them are
singers. The Band leader , Ivan , is piano end guitar player. All members
finish music academy
The front singer has a
very charming performance on the stage. Well
entertaining the audience , Zodiac fulfils
the musical wishes of their fans and make them
feel happy to join the Band show.

"Zodiac" quartet are very professional
musicians with much experience in this job all
over Europe ,. They have been working also in
Bulgaria , Korea Norway That the reason they
speak languages like English , German , Russian

Zodiac perform all styles of music:
from oldies, to contemporary hits.

Doing all their best to
satisfy their clients.
Zodiac can add more musicians to join the band if the contract required.

Ivan NIkolov
mail: zodiacbandbg@yahoo.com

Updated:  May 13, 2016

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