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Innately creative and energetic guitarist, Raúl was taught guitar by his
father, the jazz pianist and flamenco singer Pepe Corredor. After years of
research and self-teaching in the world of guitar playing, Raúl moved to
Granada in 2002, where he studied with Jorge Gómez and Emilio Maya in
addition to studying song and dance technique in the guitar schools of
Antonio Gómez ‘El Colorao’ and Luis de Luis, among others. He performed

in two Cordoba International Guitar Festivals and studied with Raimundo
Amador and at the highest level with master guitarist and composer Manolo
Sanlúcar. Raúl also took an interest in jazz which he studied at the La Zubia
and Huetor Vega schools in Granada along with saxophonist Paul Stoker
and guitarist Joaquín Chacón. He has also performed at festivals such as
the ‘Voix de la Mediterranée’ in Montpellier, the ‘Olvera Youth Flamenco
Festival’ and the Prague World Dance Festival as well as touring France,
Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic. He currently resides in
Brussels, where he teaches flamenco guitar at La Tentation and the Jazz
Studio in Antwerp. He is the programming director of the
‘Flamenconnection’ course in La Tentation and is also working on various
projects with musicians such as Fred Becker and Rui Salgado, theatre
director Anna Romano and producer Alix Aminian.


Updated:  December 3, 2011

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