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The aimof my projectis to createan innovative coursefor cello,a courseto address themultifacetedand modernshift froma conception of"classical" andthe celloto atraditionalistview"modern",trying to bringthe studentintoan active mentalityandexplorationtoolthat goesbeyond therigid, predefinedpatternsto which we areaccustomed,buta great desire todevelopresearch,because there are nostudiesor methodson this, butonlymusical examples.
Withmy trainingand experience inclassical, jazzand popintend toprovideto my studentsthe flexibilitythat atrue musicianshould haveto face anykind of musicindifferentwork situationsthatmay arise.
I want to conveyto the pupilall myexperience on the ground.
Istillworkedandcollaboratedas soloistand orchestracontractorwith the mostimportantItalianpop andjazzartists,cover italsooften the roleofprincipalcelloin the orchestraof the Italian television.
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Updated:  February 19, 2012

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