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      Pro Bassist/Vocalist For Paying Gigs (LA/World)

Do you need a bassist/vocalist for a gig or longer including fill-in gigs, touring (I have a current Passport) & studio session work? Search no further - my name is Stephen & I've been playing electric bass/singing for decades.

I have my own gear (4-string fretted & fretless electric basses) & transportation. My nirvana is being in the pocket with a great drummer, actively listening and being a creative, supporting player to the rest of the band. Non-smoker and substance-free.

I'm professional & on time - NO restrictions on travel or length of time to be on tour. Dedication to performance excellence is all that matters to me - no ego here. I live to create quality music with talented & dedicated musicians.

Vocal range is high tenor (Great harmony & lead parts). I can find a part immediately and make accurate (In-key) adjustments up or down when necessary; example: if the lead singer (Or another singer) suddenly starts singing my part, I immediately find another part and continue. . .

Main genres I am competent in are Rock, Pop, Blues, R & B, Acoustic, Funk & Reggae, Jazz (Contemporary/Traditional/Fusion), Gospel/Praise & Worship, Orchestral, Big Band, Country, New World, Experimental, Indie, etc. If I don't know it, I learn it -- most importantly, I always do my homework BEFORE a rehearsal or performance, NOT during. . .

Of major importance to me is "playing with dynamics" & being tight, but I also have the ability to jam out when necessary! I've been blessed with a great ear, so I can get on track very quickly, having the ability to "lift" or duplicate exact bass or vocal lines with 99% of tunes.

I have extensive experience in playing clubs & private parties, recording, touring, and songwriting - I also have a sixth sense to hear "outside-the-box" options which can help a song or creative ideas come to life.

I read chord charts & improvise from there. I can read written bass lines with some preparation, but (To be honest) need some improvement with sight-reading (My first instrument was a treble clef instrument - Eb Alto Sax). I have experience in playing many other instruments as well, which puts me in a good position as a musician overall.

Having music to review in advance of a performance is preferable, but not always necessary. It helps that I already know a large song repertoire in many genres and can adapt "on the fly" even if I have never heard the song before. I do have some Fake Books and many charts as well.

I am requesting paying gigs only please, unless it's for a really great cause. Rate of Pay to be determined on a per-gig basis - it all depends on the details/requirements of each gig.

In your reply, it will be helpful to me for you to include important facts (Such as your website, group/individual bio, set list, and upcoming gigs - when/where, etc.).

I'm looking forward to playing great music with you soon!

P. S. I will happily consider a permanent position with the right band.
Best regards,

Stevie D | Musician |

"Do more than you are paid for. There are never any traffic jams on the extra mile."
-- Brian Tracy

Updated:  October 7, 2015

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