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Composer lyricist of one of the most famous jingles in the history of advertising featuring the lyric "Get a pow pow powerful, good good feelin' from cheer cheer Cheerios." Toyota's " "Get the Feeling" derived from an Olympia beer commercials that I wrote and composed.

Work on over 200 well known commercial brands, with aired music and lyrics written for Jose Cuervo, Olympia beer, Hamms beer, Jaffa Joy soda, Skippy peanut butter, Peter Paul Mounds, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Trix, Diachron (Re-named Transformers), Penny Racers, Penny Planes, Kronoform watches, Penny Power Racing Garage, Crazy Foam, Lifesavers, Meaty Bone dog food, Care*free gum, Beechnut gum, Ghostbusters cereal (Lyrics), Sheer Energy (Pantyhose), Cereal Premium commercial jingles forFrisbee, Globetrotters foam ball, Super Ball, Blow Pipe, and many others

Trade songs for Ocean Spray, Oxydol, Jose Cuervo, (helped win a Gold Edison for Heublein's introduction of bottled margaritas.)

Educational Songs for Silver Burdett & Ginn publishers, Six songs for an award winning fire safety video from The Children's Development Workshop...., six full length humorous songs for Donutz cereal.

Have been present at the recording sessions for all songs and jingles. Sang on many.Produced many. Emphasis on sounding different and clear lyrics.

Announcer Voice over for Takara Toys.

Marketing and Advertising savvy. I know how to sell with music.

Updated:  September 21, 2015

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