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      Naoko Matsui took the first violin lesson at the age of 4 and gave the first concert in the same year. Became soloist for Doppel Concerto by J.S.Bach with orchestra at the age of 11 and one of the pupils of Toshiya and Angela Eto. In 2007 Graduated from IMEP of Namur/Namen (Belgium) in MA at Primus in the Violin Class of the late Prince Alexandre Igor Leterme-Tkatchouk of Belgium with “grand distinction” for the final result and twice of “the grandest distinction” for the violin as principal instrument.

Shortly afterward became the soloist for the first Concerto by N.Paganini with OSN conducted by Michel Deom on the OSN Gala Concert 2007 at IMEP Church-Concert Hall of Namur/Namen on 24 NOV 2007, Christmas Concert at “La Plante” Church of Namur/Namen on 23 DEC 2007, Saint-Christophe Church of Hannut on 19 APR 2008, Saint-Martin Church of Leuze on 25 APR 2008, and Collegiale Notre-Dame and Saint-Domitianus of Huy/Hoei on 01 JUN 2008, for Their Majesties the 6th King Albert Second of Belgium, 6th Queen Paola of Belgium, the then 5th Queen Fabiola of Belgium, the spouse of the late 5th King Baudouin of Belgium, the then Prince and present 7th King Philippe of Belgium, the then princess and present 7th Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Princess Astrid of Belgium, Prince Lorenz of Belgium, Prince Laurent of Belgium, Princess Claire of Belgium, Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, Prince Gabriel of Belgium, Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Princess Maria Laura of Belgium, Prince Joachim of Belgium, Princess Luisa Maria of Belgium, Princess Laetitia Maria of Belgium, Princess Louise of Belgium, Prince Alexander Leterme alias Igor Petrovitch Tkatchouk of Belgium, the then Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme, the President of Flemish Regional Government Kris Peeters, and the then Mayor of Hoei/Huy Anne-Marie Rizin.

Naoko obtained also the Soloist Diploma after the performance of Violin Concerto by R.Strauss (2010) and the Concert Artist Diploma (2009) at “Institut de Musique Eugene Ysaye” with each result unanimo-maximum. And successfully completed Postgraduate Music Program in Violin by EhB of EU at KMCB/KCB (2011, Belgium). On 12 April 2013 debuted in Slovenia in the framework of Svirel Upol International Music Festival's solo concert, there performed "Giga/Gigue" from Partita No.2 by J.S.Bach at Saint-Maria Church of Stanjel Slovenia for His Majesty the 6th King Albert Second of Belgium.

Since 2012 Naoko began living in Germany, there obatained the German National Artistic Qualification in Violin issued by Johannes Brahms National Music Conservatory in Hamburg in MAY 2014 and immediately afterall enrolled to the “Concert Exams” Program for more Soloist career in Germany. Also in Germany debuted as soloist in Germany for "Winter Concerto" from „The Four Seasons“ by A.Vivaldi and “Adagio” from Doppel Concerto for Violin, Piano and Orchestra by F.Mendelssohn-Bartholdi with pianist Matthias Nilsson and the Orchestra for Abschlusskonzert Festival Cortinas 2013 conducted by Pedro Cortinas on 16 OCT 2013 at the Chappel of Gastle-Guesthouse Tannenhoehe of Villingen. There also performed "Summer Concerto" from “The Four Seasons” by A.Vivaldi on 29 AUG 2014 with the Orchestra for Abschlusskonzert Festival Cortinas 2014 conducted by Pedro Cortinas.

On 28 DEC 2014 Naoko debuted as soloist also in Italy with Orchestra “Orfeo Stillo” conducted by Fernando Romano for Chaconne by T.A.Vitali, Cantabile by N.Paganini for Violin and Orchestra Version of Giuseppe Arnaboldi, Doppel Concerto by J.S.Bach with Giuseppe Arnaboldi, Romance by L.Van Beethoven at Immaculate Church of Crotone, after winning of the XVI Vincenzo Scaramuzza International Competition 2013. About International Music Competition also awarded the 1st Prize at XIX International Music Competition "Premio Vittoria Caffa Righetti" at San-Francesco Church of Cortemilia on 12 NOV 2011 (Italy), two Golden Medals at VIII and VII Luigi Denza International Young Musician Competition at Reggia di Quisisana Palace of Castellammare di Stabia (2013, 2012, Italy), 1st Prize at XV Euterpe International Music Competition (2013), two Honor Prize at T.I.M. (2012 Paris France, 2008 Namur Belgium) and awarded Golden Prize from Porto San Giorgio City "In the occasion of XXI Andrea Postacchini International Violin Competition (2014 Italy)", etc.

In 2015 Naoko performed also solo part of "Suite im Alten Stil" by A.Schnittke with JBK Orchestra at JBK Concert Hall on 27 FEB 2015 conducted by Krzysztof Skladanowski and the Redeemer Church of Hamburg on 28 FEB 2015 conducted by Leon Gurvitch. Naoko became the 1st Prize winner of X "Trofeo Citta di Greci" International Music Competition and 1st Absolute Prize & Golden Medal winner at XIII Paola City International Young Musicians Competition "Premio S. Francesco di Paola" on 08 NOV 2015, and "The Naoko Matsui Interview" had been published since 16 OCT 2015. This year began with New Year Solo Violin Concert of Sablon at Jacob Norden Fine Antique on 10 JAN 2016.

Updated:  February 1, 2016

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