Monica Costantini Resume

      I started studying the violin in Johannesburg (South Africa), with an eclectic "all instruments player", Mitzi Van Biljoen. That was in 1978, i.e. 30 years ago ! At twelve I joined the Jewish Guild Orchestra, but could hardly find my way round and was always a few beats behind. My family then moved to Italy, where I continued my studies, first with Marcello Fiori, a violinist working at the "Fenice" theatre in Venice, and later with an unforgettable Giuseppe Volpato (conservatoire in Castelfranco Veneto). Prize winner at the "Alpe Adria" competition in 1991. Following my diploma in 1991 I joined the Klagenfurt Landeskonservatorium in Austria, where I was trained by the Australian Brian Finlayson and later by the brilliant Korean teacher Saewon Suh. At the same time I was taking a degree in languages and literature at the university of Padua, Italy and started teaching in a small village near Cortina d'Ampezzo - a very rewarding pioneer experience. Several concerts with the "Leclair Duo" (two violins) in Austria and Italy, the Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra in London, Kaerntner Kammerakademie, Orchestra Filamormica Malipiero and others. Now a full time export area manager in the porcelain industry, travelling round the globe and playing just for fun in my spare time, giving concerts with baroque orchestras such as the Gruppo d'Archi Veneto; occasionally playing at weddings, quartets and other chamber music ensembles. I have recently started experimenting with the green grass, folk, jazz and tango genres. During the past few years my creativity has expanded to include painting and decorative techniques (interior design).

Updated:  October 30, 2008

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