Walt Cronin Resume

      Walt Cronin is a singer songwriter of Americana, Folk and Country music living in Los Angeles, CA. Cronin was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois a suburb of Chicago moving out to California in the late 70's.
He received his degree in Human Behavior at Newport University, an online accredited psychology program.
His wish was to become a veteran counselor. His interest was to work with the returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan at local vet centers. He worked as a video producer with his own business for 20 years in the Los Angeles area.
Cronin was a navy corpsman ( medic) with a marine platoon in Vietnam in 1970.
He became a veteran advocate through a number of the songs he has written based on life in America since returning from the Vietnam war.
He is an anti war activist and a member of Veterans For Peace. Cronin has performed his music at various veteran events such as Returning Soldiers Speak and the Art of War to bring about awareness of Post Traumatic Stress and to reach the younger generations to seek the help that had been denied for many years to him and his fellow veterans when they had returned from war. He is currently working on a 5th music CD.
He is married to his wife from Germany for 25 years. He just recently completed a veteran arts program through Creativets to study at the Art Institute in Chicago for 3 weeks this Spring of 2015 doing ceramic sculpture for disabled veterans.
A number of his songs in the Americana and Folk genres can be streamed and downloaded from Soundcloud. His website is http://www.thegousters.com

Updated:  September 11, 2015

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