Old Guard Band Resume

      As a group "Old Guard Band" only two artist - Sergey Lyashko (vocals, guitar) and Vyacheslav Shapoval (vocals, keyboards). Sometimes, for a variety of projects and touring invited vocalists and instrumentalists. The main direction of the group in his speeches - the execution of foreign "gold" hits in our interpretation.

The our repertoire includes works of European, Asian, American and Russian performers hits. The main emphasis is on the music of the period of the 60s-90s. Our vision and feeling of these memorable works we try to convey to the new sound, without disturbing the color performance of those times. The group performs at various places of St. Petersburg (1990-2016), as well as abroad - Finland (1997-2000), Sweden (1997), Japan (2012-2015)

Years of experience, professional skills, attentive approach to sound and quality instruments group to provide a high level to organize the musical accompaniment of any concerts.

Updated:  February 5, 2016

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