Patrick Moore Resume

       Hi I am Patrick Moore and I am 56 years old and live in Pennsylvania USA. I have played music all my life for I grew up in a family of musicians. While playing music with my brothers we played night clubs,Fairs, Ramada Inns , Shows, Concerts, Weddings,and many other types of events. We also fronted big time Country bands as an opening act. I also have done and still do some solo work as an Elvis Presley impersonator. As a musician I am a very good Keyboard player and drummer and bass guitar player as well. I love all styles of music but my favorite is a mix of old school funk, R&B, dance,some country and classic rock and top 40 . I would be willing to relocate to the Philippines if I could find musicians who are serious about playing full time or as much as possible. I am a very good Elvis impersonator and I have my own tracks that I can sing to with out a band if necessary. I have a lot of experience as a lead singer and front man and I am great with people and I know how to handle a audience .

Updated:  October 10, 2015

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