ARIZONA Country&western Duo Resume

      Mihail Bedzhev and Dilyana Danailova from Bulgaria.
Mihail is a music pedagogy graduate with 10 years of experience in teaching music. From 1986 to 1995 he was a lead vocalist and bass guitar player in different bands. Mihail also plays saxophone, clarinet and classic guitar. Between 1996 and 2013 he worked as a one-man band in different counties Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany and Netherlands. Mihail speaks Bulgarian, English, Russian, German and Turkish.
Dilyana has a bachelor degree in music pedagogy. She has studied violin since the age of 8. As a student she played second violin in a Chamber orchestra with whom she toured in Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary. During her student years she lived and worked in the USA as an artist. From 2010 to 2012 she worked in a Philharmonic orchestra as a violinist and as an artistic secretary. Dilyana has also been a part of a Gospel choir while living in Jamaica and the UK. She speaks Bulgarian and English.
The Duo met in 2014 and immediately decided to collaborate. The passion which both of them has for country & western, motown, rock, blues and rock 'n' roll music helps them to perfectly work together and to be gratefully accepted by their audience. As a duo they play guitar, violin and percussions and perform mostly country & western music, rock n' roll, evergreens, motown and oldies. Their repertoire consists of more than 250 songs and instrumentals from the 50's to present day.
They have been performing in countries such as:
Germany Meridien Hotel, Frankfurt am Mein
Turkey Different 5 stars hotels on the Mediterranean coast
Spain (Mallorca) Different 5 stars hotels on the Mediterranean coast
Japan Huis Ten Bosch team park, Nagasaki
They are very professional and take their job seriously. They are disciplined, reliable and always knowing how to entertain their audience.

Updated:  July 23, 2016

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