ZEBRA Resume

      We are a band called ZEBRA, which was formed several years ago due to our love of music and music-making. We have been playing together for several years now, and we have a lot of performance experience. Our repertoire includes unique covers of hits and evergreens which come in different genres, such as pop, rock, rock & roll, blues, evergreens, jazz and soul. All music is performed live.
As musicians, we are aware that listeners are a reflection of our performances, that's why we are trying to adjust to them as well as to the space, time and ambience of our performances. We also customize the duration of the entire performance, according to the wishes of the organizer. Since we know that tastes differ, we have chosen several ways of performing our songs:
ï‚· Duo ZEBRA
Sebastian and David on two guitars and/or bass guitar and two vocals conjure pleasant atmosphere, which takes the listener on a journey into the world of unique acoustic covers.
ï‚· Trio ZEBRA Percussionist Sašo Golob enriches the duo with rhythm, and thus contributes to a more vigorous and striking sound, while adding vocal latitude.
ï‚· ZEBRA (band)
Bass player Grega Ravnjak adds a new dimension to the band. With his sound he contributes to the story and connects the band into a new, complete whole.

Concert prices:
Cast Price with our own sound system / Sound system is assured by the organizer
Duo ZEBRA 650 € 600 €
Trio ZEBRA 1050 € 950€
ZEBRA (band) 1400€ 1200€

Updated:  January 26, 2016

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