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Kat Daniels at the Keyboard

With a beautiful honey textured voice and smooth easy keyboard style, Kathy entertains all of your guests

with a large repertoire of music that includes Smooth Jazz, Standards, Ballads, Country, R&B and Pop.

Whether she is providing soft background music or doing her specialty, Traditional Piano Bar, Kathy's experience

entertaining people and her wide variety of music allows her to better entertain your guests at any venue or event.

No matter what size crowd you have, anytime you bring in live entertainment, it adds that extra special quality

and leaves your guest talking about your event long after the Event is over.

Ideal for both dancing or listening audiences, Kat Daniels provides the kind of upscale ambiance that only an

experienced live musician can bring,

Kathy Daniels is a fully self contained Live Single Vocal/Keyboard Act,

Kathy can bring a complete set up including Keyboard and Sound System.

Her gear is always kept up to date and in beautiful condition.

Updated:  December 30, 2017

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